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We are getting ready to start basketball.  Let's show that Saint Spirit!

Just a reminder in regards to the Athletic Guidelines:

  1. Regarding academic eligibility: The student athlete must have a 2.5 GPA in order to remain eligible for practice or play.  The ineligible student must attend after-school study halls until the grade average is high enough.  At this point the student is allowed to rejoin the sport.  Eligibility checks will occur bi-weekly on Fridays during the season
  2. Players must attend practice prior to each game in order to play.  Excused practice is written notification, at least 48 hours in advance by the parents, a doctor, or clergyman.  If a player knows they will be absent in advance, a handwritten request must be submitted to the coach. Two unexcused practices/games will be grounds for termination from the team.  Unexcused practice is missing practice with no notification or less than 48 hours notice.  Having detention for bad conduct throughout the day is not a valid excuse.  In the case of a sickness/illness     As with all things, special circumstances may occur/arise!  If a situation comes up that is beyond anyone's control to prevent, it will be considered on an individual basis.  Please contact the appropriate parties as soon as possible.  Consideration for any special circumstances will be discussed or handled as needed.     

Want to play? Get in touch!

If your child would like to play sports at SFdA, please see Mrs. Espino.

SFdA Sports: 

  • Co-ed X-Country 3rd - 8th (August - November)
  • Co-ed Soccer 5th - 8th (August - October)
  • Girl's Fall Volleyball- 6th-8th (August - October) 
  • Girl's Spring Volleyball 5th - 8th (February-May)
  • Girls Basketball 5th -8th (December - March)
  • Boy's Winter Basketball 5th - 8th (December - March) 
  • Boy's Winter Basketball 5th - 8th (March - May)

To Learn, Lead and Live Like Christ

At SFdA we encourage competition while fostering a Franciscan spirit.  Students must display the qualities of good sportsmanship and Christian attitudes..    


San Francisco de Asis Catholic School Mission Statement

We, the Catholic faith community, in the spirit of St Francis, are dedicated to a strong academic education that promotes creative thought and builds confidence.  Through Gospel teachings, we are empowered to a life of compassionate Christian leadership and service to others.  

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